My Girls!




Karla "The Bosses wife" Yniguez

Karla is Best Wife I could ask for!! I am truly the luckiest Chef ever! She is my Brains in the office! I swear she has worked so hard everyday to get us on point, She has learned so much when she didn't have to. She has stood by me though it all. She has helped me achieve my dreams with not one complaint, when I know there has been lots to complain about!


Amber "The Moose" Escamilla

Amber is my right hand! My Moosie has been a part of my family for years! Amber trained beside me all these years learning how to create the foods that make Bocadillos so popular! Amber is Bocadillos! If anyone knows more about the business, Amber does! We wouldn't be Bocadillos without her! She believes in what we do, even in the hard times! Its not just work with My Moosie, She is My Best Friend!

Miyuki "The Samurai" Tully

My Miyuki has been with me for 7 years now! She has not only become one of the biggest assets in the business, she also runs this place! She is my Left hand! When it comes to consistency, she is on point! Miyuki Kills it!! This lady is the most amazing, loyal, loving person I have ever met! I am truly Blessed to have a Friend like her!  Bocadillos would be nothing with her! I would be nothing without her!





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